Wills & Probate of Estates

Wills & Probate of Estates

Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills

Planning for the future is an important task that is often put off for later.  But the truth is that no one knows what unexpected twists and turns life may bring.  For that reason, there is no better time than the present to start planning for the future.  

If you are interested in determining how your assets, money, and belongings will be distributed after you are gone, you need to speak with an attorney who can help you with that planning process.

You Are Not Alone in This

Planning For The Future Is Essential

My law firm handles a range of estate planning tools including:

Simple Wills:

If you do not want the state to distribute your assets after your death, you need a will to determine where your assets will go.  I can assist you in creating a will and other planning tools to address your needs and concerns.

Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney is a financial tool that is used to provide an individual with access and power to manage another's accounts and property in the event of incapacity.  Let my law firm guide you through this document and help you understand the implications of this financial planning tool.

Durable Health Care Power of Attorney:

Commonly known as a living will, this health care tool allows you to appoint an individual to make health care decisions pursuant to your wishes.  This document takes the burden of making difficult choices away from your loved ones.  I can help you draft a document to address your concerns.


If something happens to you, do you know where you children would go?  A guardianship is a document that delineates all of your wishes for you children in the event of your death.  It can also be used to plan for special needs children.  This is too important of a decision to leave to government rules and statutes.  Let me help you with this process.


A trust is another planning tool that allows individuals to provide for loved ones and family members. let me discuss the benefits of a trust with you and help you to determine if it is the right planning tool for your future.

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Probate of Estates

If someone in your life passed away, leaving you as the personal representative or executor of an estate, you likely feel overwhelmed.  You are charged with the responsibility of filing taxes, selling or maintaining property and distributing property of the decedent.  In the midst of your job, family, and life, it may simply be too complicated and time-consuming to handle another's estate.  Let me help you through this legal matter.

In probate matters, filing and forms need to be done a specific way.  You likely need an attorney to help you through the process.  Whether you need assistance paying creditors, determining inheritance taxes or other debts, or ultimately distributing assets, I assist clients with the entire probate process.  I work with my clients to ensure that all documents are filed on time.  I work quickly and efficiently to distribute assets to the correct parties.

Your family is under enough stress without trying to administrate an estate on your own. The help of an attorney can take that huge weight off of your shoulders.  

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